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  • ΢С˵߻2019-01-22

    һԣ ΪӦѧУ԰Ļĺ٣չֵѧķɣḻѧĻѧԺѧѧϰ볿ѧȫԺѧٰıΪԺѧṩһչʾҵ̨ϣȫԺ...

  • и꼶ͯС˵΢Ķʾ2019-01-01

    ⣺и꼶Ķָȱʧ Ŀγ̱׼ȷСѧ׶οĶҪﵽ145֡׼ڡѧ顱Ҫָѧ飬ö飬飬顱 ڱеϵ...

  • ղķ˹ƪС˵ѧ۵2018-12-29

    ժ Ҫ: ղķ˹˹١˹һƪƪС˵ض߳дַ,չʾһƽֲ׳ĸ黭,ͨ˵ͨ,ζϸֽȻͬ,...

  • µĶƪС˵2018-12-24

    ʼϲĸ,ÿη,ֱϸijλʱæͷĹ,Ĭһ,һ,ƽ²Űӿ,ļ, ǸϰҹдֵŮ,дʱ

  • ɺĿݹ˾ƪС˵2018-12-23

    ɺ濪һҿݹ˾,һϢɭ,ĶǶɺʾף,ɭ־һ,dz! Сһɺ,˵ɺ,ҸСдһ,...

  • ɭֻƪС˵2018-12-23

    һ磬һһȵɭֻĴƺϾС½½ȴֻĿʼ ɭֻῪʼˣڹεĿУȳˡֻſɰƻȹ΢Ц...

  • ȴʱӢĶƪС˵2018-12-23

    Promptly at the beginning of twilight, came again to that quiet corner of that quiet, small park the girl in gray She sat upon a bench and read a book, for there was yet to come a half hour in which 

  • ǣĺӢĶƪС˵2018-12-23

    Եֵʲôһ·˵ʰµĺߣվطĿԧǷǰԵ As I walked home one freezing day, I stumbled on a wallet someone had lost in the street. I picked it up ...

  • ӢĶƪС˵2018-12-22

    At eight oclock on the evening of the twentieth of May all the six batteries of the N---- Reserve Artillery Brigade halted for the night in the village of Myestetchki on their way to camp When the ge

  • ߸ͭ塷ӢĶƪС˵2018-12-22

    Ҫݣ С˵ĸ׵Цᴩȫƪ,дһƶĸŮΪ˴չ߸ͭ,һϴ·,ò䵹,һؤİ,Ŵչ߸ͭ,ɷȴû,ŮЦĿѪıҹ

  • ǮӢĶƪС˵2018-12-22

    Ǯ һ̽ǵĻñֶʲ̽ҳֶ֡ʲ̽̽˵˵㣬ʮϸġλ֡̽Ǹʲôأ̽ѰˡǸ...

  • Going Home ؼӢĶƪС˵2018-12-22

    I first heard this story a few years ago from a girl I had met in New Yorks Greenwich Village. Probably the story is one of those mysterious bits of folklore that reappear every few years, to be told ...

  • ŮӢĶƪС˵2018-12-22

    The house was very still. In the little room over the porch, the lady in black sat alone. Near her, a childs white dress lay across a chair. On the floor at her feet lay a tiny pair of shoes. A doll h...

  • ԲλӢĶƪС˵2018-12-21

    The Oval Portrait 1 THE CHATEAU into which my valet had ventured to make forcible entrance, rather than permit me, in my desperately wounded condition, to pass a night in the open air, was o

  • ľеӢĶƪС˵2018-12-21

    տ3Nine oclock at last, and the drudging toil of the day was ended Lena climbed to her room in the third half-story of the Quarrymens Hotel Since daylight she had slaved, doing the work of a full-grown

  • ķƪС˵2018-12-21


  • Ƿ㲻ɶƪС˵2018-12-20

    տ36룬죬𴲣ϴ 7㣬𴲣ϴԷ7룬ͺѧȥϰࡣ ϣ°ؼңӻغӣ˳ȥˣңźдҵԼڳ峴ը ...

  • ̵Ů˶ƪС˵2018-12-20

    һ ׵̫һѰѹ̵Ĺݺݵشӭһжʧȥ,СӹϸϸˮԵô ָ⾲,һͷţԱŨܵ°еش,

  • ˭ֺĶƪС˵2018-12-20

    ҹһһ峿ˬķҷһʰøɾԺũ߰ڷŵһֻСţʱλβӣǡ ...

  • ΢С˵2018-12-18

    һһ ˱Χ֮ ߲дһԹ ·,ǡɼзӰ Ŀ˵ءزʶ,߸Ե ǡɶ,Ǽkfc,,ּһ

  • ʲ΢С˵2018-12-18

    һʮտأϲĿĺ˧ ϳеʱһľͬ˧ֲմߣۣÿ춼ҽ۶ӣʱŪȫôЦȻʱе...

  • ײ΢С˵2018-12-18

    ·ţһС˵ȴͻȻײһ£ڵϡʱһָֻ̽޳ǽڷ˴عѾʰ𣬵ݵǰ ̧ͷ˫ӡ...

  • ָ΢С˵2018-12-17

    տ3ʶǴ幤ʱ¶Ժĺϴ·ժмкιˣϷṈ̀ȴϲķָףСָţ˵ѽѽĻ ָ׷۵ϼ...

  • Կ׵İ΢С˵2018-12-17

    绰˵ϹĶҵԿ׶ˣȥˡ شţ°ؼҵ·أԵȣżһ͵ˡ ͣóС̳ߵӡΧ˺þã...

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